Nov 11, 2017

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Various Grilling Techniques

Human Beings are superior to all creatures on the Earth. God has gifted them with different senses. The sense of taste is one of the predominant senses. To satisfy their sense of taste, they have invented many kinds of foods and cooking methods. Grilling is also one of those innovative cooking methods that are being used frequently nowadays. There are various grilling techniques in vogue. infraAll these depend on the kinds of grills and the kinds of fuels being used in these grills. Also, different kinds of foods need some particular grilling techniques. For example, the grilling techniques for steaks, poultry, fish, seafood, and vegetables are a lot different. The user can also customize his own grilling techniques to suit his varied needs. Following are some of the grilling methods and techniques being used by various people across the globe.

Grilling through Direct Heating

Direct heat grilling is the most common and easy method in which food is cooked on the direct heat source. This kind of cooking can be done with the help of any kind of grill whether it is a charcoal grill, a gas grill, wood grill, and all other kinds of grills. There are two steps in this grilling method. In the first step, food is placed on direct heat source and this high temperature burns the both sides of the food thus packing all the nutritious elements in it. This also changes the color of the food. This step is called searing. The food is then transferred to the low temperature part of the grill where it is cooked at low temperature. The whole process of cooking food through direct heating source takes almost 20-30 minutes.

Grilling through Indirect Heating

The second most used technique for grilling is the grilling through indirect heating source. This technique is also possible with the help of all kinds of grills. In this kind of cooking direct heat is not supplied to the food. Instead, heat is supplied through some indirect source. Here, the heat waves travel from the heating source to the food. The important thing in this cooking method is the low temperature. This process is like the roasting in an oven. This method is also used along with direct heat grilling. The food is grilled on direct heat at first and then placed in the place where indirect heating cooks it.


Smoking is another grilling technique that is used by many peoples to cook foods. The main quality of grilling through smoking is that the flavor of the food gets mixed with the smoke. This gives uniqueness to its taste. This kind of grilling is not possible in all kinds of grills. Instead, only the wood grills are ideal for this. Similarly, this grilling is also not possible in indoor conditions. The food is usually cooked in outdoor conditions. The temperature in this kind of grilling also remains low and the cooking process takes time. The cooking is done in close chambers to mix the smoke with the flavor.

In short, grilling is a convenient way of cooking more delicious food in relatively less time. In all its forms, the main objective of grilling remains the same that is to provide the better taste.

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